Ikebana International Let's Enjoy Ikebana!

Here is a vivid information page about ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arrangement. Ikebana international has prepared interesting information on ikebana, its place in Japan's traditional culture and its changing role in modern society, ikebana schools, and so on.

In our page, you will see:
- gorgeous photographs of ikebana arrangements by famous artists;
- news about the upcoming Ikebana International Seventh World Convention, to be held in Nagoya, Japan, in early October 1996;
- our worldwide activities;
- current information on ikebana exhibitions throughout the world.
This information is updated regularly. Wherever you go, see some ikebana!

Click here, and enjoy ikebana -- past, present, and future!

Talking about Japan in English Refer to This Dictionary When Talking About Japan

Today's Japan, culture, history, philosophy, aesthetic sense, and much more are explained in English.
Most Japanese falter when they have to explain Japanese culture in English. It takes a knack to give visitors from overseas a concise interpretation. "Talking about Japan in English," compiled by a foreign resident, is a dictionary you can refer to on such occasions. The author's love of Japan inspired him to help Japanese explain their country, from minor to serious topics, from foods and temples to Prince Shotoku. We will offer different topics on this page.

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