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Kiri Matsuura


Ms. Kiri Matsuura, a computer graphics artist, who was born in Osaka in 1961.
Started producing animation works in her university days by joining a CG group headed by Mr. Kouichi Kimura. Won the Excellent Work Prize in the 1983 Nikkei Computer Graphics Grand Prix Contest. After winning the award, became a freelance computer- graphic creator and started producing many works. Produced and directed many computer-graphic animation works such as the "Dreams Fantasy" NHK TV program, commercial messages, and musical video films. Also produced computer-graphic illustrations for magazines and posters. Produced Kareido K, a CD-ROM that contains computer-graphic she produced, in 1994. One of the most active multi-creators today.

"There comes the Circus in a whirl of Orion wind."

"Dashing in the Galaxy"

"Moon whirling in time"

"Leap into the starry sky"

"Dance in tune with a dream"

"Moon-lit night with sapphira"

"Gifts from future"

"You are my Diamond"

"Midsummer secrets"

"Star fragrance"

"Just between you and me"





"Moody Flowershop"

"Moody Moonlight Night"

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