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Tiger bells: list of illustrations

Tiger bells type A:

Detail of a tiger bell in a wooden yak bell
Wooden yak bell with a tiger bell

19th century tiger bell
Bundle of four tiger bells, N.E.China
Brightly coloured woven belt with four tiger bells
One bell, from the belt with four bells

Bundle of bells with one tiger bell, Bahau Dayak, East Kalimantan
Shaman's girdle with twenty tiger bells, Benuaq Dayak, East Kalimantan
Tiger bell on a child's ankle, Kenyah Dayak, East Kalimantan
Tiger bell, as an amulet, Kenyah or Kayan Dayak, East Kalimantan
Tiger bells on a sword from Sulawesi, Lanun Dayak, Kalimantan
Four tiger bell on a horse harness, East Timor
Tiger bell on a semara, Toba Batak, Sumatra

Necklace with one tiger bell, Bidayu Dayak, Sarawak
Hanging container with one tiger bell, Iban Dayak, Sarawak
Necklace with three tiger bells, Iban Dayak, Sarawak
Large tiger bell, of about 5.5 cm. diameter, Iban Dayak, Sarawak

Prayer mill with one small tiger bell

Outer Mongolia
Shaman's costume with over 60 tiger bells, Solon

Castagnets with five tiger bells, Campbellpore district

The Philippines
Mangyan women with a necklace with one tiger bell as an amulet, Mindoro
Dancing girdle with tiger bells, B'laan, the Philippines
Tiger bell, probably used as an amulet, front view, Bagobo, S.E. Mindanao
Tiger bell, probably used as an amulet, side view, Bagobo, S.E. Mindanao
Girdle with two or three heavily worn tiger bells, Mansaka, S.E. Mindanao

Newly made tiger bell, used as a key hanger

Dance girdle with tiger bells, Ami, S.E. Coast

Tiger bells type B:

Dog bell, Akha, Chang Mai region
Tiger bell, used as amulet and door knob, top view
Tiger bell, used as amulet and door knob, front view
Tiger bell, used as amulet and door knob, side view

Tiger bells type C:

Tiger bell, common, side view
Tiger bell, common, front view
Several newly made tiger bells, for sale as souvenirs


The 'wang' character
Side view of type A and type B tiger bell
Toy tiger, with the 'wang' character on the forehead

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