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Tampines Webtown is the virtual wing of Tampines New Town, which won the prestigious United Nations "World Habitat Award for Excellence in Housing Design" in 1993.

The mood here is informal and relaxed. It is a great place for residents to get to know each other, to keep in touch with what's happening in their neighbourhood, and to learn new stuff.

Come and join this Mainah revolution.

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Tampines Webtown makes a SPLASH in Canada and a STAR APPEARANCE Japan!

This Webtown was LAUNCHED by Mr Mah Bow Tan, Minister for Communications and MP for Tampines GRC on April 27, 1996.

About Tampines New Town: Its History, its Members of Parliament, Town Council
About Tampines Webtown: What it's all about, its staff and volunteers
Dear Resident Helper: Any problems? Talk to our resident Cyber Counsellor for advice
Community Hall: Community Clubs, senior citizens' corners, and activities.
The Tampines Rovers: Our very own football club
Education Centre: Neighbourhood schools, polytechnics, junior colleges
Health Counter: Polyclinics, general practitioners
Library: Tampines Regional Library, Community Children's Library
Tampines Shopping Mall: Shopping in Cyberspace
Playground: Everything for kids.
Fun Things To Do: See Shadow the Cat chase Mainah.
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