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Notes: total wordage available: 526,600 as of 17FEB96. While there is some duplication, the total (less HORSELAUGHS 1-4) equals 454,100 (all wordages approximate). As you may note, this inventory has been building for some time. Various "trunk" pieces, mss. burned, destroyed or stolen are not factored in. HL-# = Horse Laugh #1-4. HL was a limited edition (30 cc per) 'zine put together as a sampler for the sheerest heck of it. Thanks! -- HW

Hart Williams: Fiction Catalogue

WORK IN PROGRESSNovel100,000 (est.)1996in progress
Looking For AphroditeNovel81,0001986nada
The Hanged ManNovel60,0001980burned
for Berkley/JoveNovel80,0001983sold out run
for Berkley/JoveNovel60,0001984sold out run
The Acid TestScreenplayfeature1986unsold
The White RoseScreenplaylow-budget1991option expired
The Saint Nick CaseRadio1/2 hr. drama1987n/a
To Die in BenaresSF32001983nada
The Music of Melancholymainstream25001990nada
The Short History of a Journeyhumor12001996nada
The Stallionmainstream2500)1993nada
Fanta SeMystery Proposal90001991nada
Shootout/OK CorralSF27501978nada
The Warrior's Coatmainstream17501981nada
Why The World Won't Workhumor10001982yup
The Hanged Manfantasy18001981nada
The Last Time I Saw Ingridmainstream17501984yup
The Bequestfantasy22501980nada
Great Moments in Sexhumor10001980yup
The Codemainstream17501984yup
Mountain Maryhumor20001980yup
The JudgeWestern Prop.75001985nada
A Stony Stare and Silencemainstream15001985yup
The Royal Audiencefantasy15001978nada
The New York Trailhumor15001991yup
The Bridgefantasy20001986nada
The Bronski MethodSF/humor25001980yup
An Elegy for the Livingmainstream27501989nada
Sixty-four Acrossmainstream12501993nada
Storm WarningsSF40001977nada
Employment Availablehumor12001993nada
As Time Goes Byfantasy2000198694 ABA sampler
The Unicorn's Tearsfantasy15001988nada
A Modest Proposalhumor9001980nada
Why I won't ... Hospitalhumor10001980nada
By Bread AloneSF18001978nada
The Asbestos Forestfantasy42001987nada
An Open Windowmainstream15001989in progress
Sleight of HandSF40001988nada
A Cute Little Storyhumor15001993nada
MuladharmaBook prop.60001988nada
The "L" Wordexperimental35001991nada - HL
The Girl in the Cellophane Wrappermystery20001984yup
The Girl " "book prop.30001984nada
The Waters of LetheAdventure20001985yup
Trial of Bloodscreenplay n/a1986ret. lit. rights
Purple Heartsmainstream15001986nada - HL4
Moebius Dickfantasy10001986nada - HL1
Akimbomainstream20001985er .. ?
Sexmainstream20001987nada - HL4
Herculesexperimental7501986nada - HL
And The Boys Became Menmainstream15001986nada - HL
The Trophymainstream15001986nada - HL4
The Worm Ourbourosmainstream12001985nada - HL4
The Pollmainstream12001985nada - HL4
After The Dancemainstream15001988nada - HL1
Noel Noelmainstream1500)1989nada - HL1
A Saggitarian History of the Worldhumor15001991nada - HL1
Three Womenmainstream15001984yup
In A Nameless Landmainstream40001978nada
Cantata for Demonic ChoirSF32001978nada
The Last Daysmainstream12001979nada
A Hunting Tripexperimental13001978nada
Earth Saved!humor10001992yup
Interview With a Developerhumor9001992yup
Watching The Heavenshumor15001992yup
Incident in a Nightclubsatire10001991nada - HL1
"Erotic Letters"fiction50,0001984-6yup
Laganmainstream40001994nada - HL5
On The Importance of Controlling Everythinghumor15001994nada - HL5
Horse Laugh #1 (ltd. ed. zine)collection17,5001991samples
Horse Laugh #2 (ltd. ed. zine)collection17,5001991samples
Horse Laugh #3 (ltd. ed. zine)collection17,5001992samples
Horse Laugh #4 (ltd. ed. zine)collection20,0001993samples
HL#5 (Nine of Hart's)best of 1st 430,0001994ABA sampler
Horse Laugh #6WEB PAGEGee ?1996THIS!!!

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