Ajna sixth chakra.






Acrylic on shaped wood panel with integral frame 33"x 23"

White two petalled infinity. Active Compassion and Wisdom.

In the Ajna, the place of the third eye of wisdom,the meditators faculties reach a state of formless contemplation.The subtlest state of mind is there; the mantra is Om' itself. Devata appears only as a Yoni enclosing an elliptical pure white lingam. Here the Tantrika achieves union of the two absolute principles into the unitary One.

Beyond is the Sahasrara, seventh chakra, it's thousand petals encircling the point of uttermost brilliant light which opens onto the engulfing void. It's rays are the nectar of immortality. As experience it is Nirvana.

"If thine eye be single thine whole body will be filled with light". Jesus the Christ.

"Let me make this clear! If anyone is not experiencing a bright light within themselves which continually leads the breath up and down within the body; they do not know the purest simplest source of all love which is inside of them." Maharaj ji.

"The Light of Allah is found in the human temples".Mohammed.

"I will give you divine sight and you shall see my glory shining within"Krishna.

"Every man possesses the bright mirror of illumination".Buddha

"While soul is in the body can you realize the subtle vibration with no duality? Can you follow your breath like a sleeping baby?Can you watch the inner Light with spotless and clear vision? When you receive the enlightening Knowledge can you remain detached and free of concepts?"Lao Tzu