Nobel Peace laureate Mr. Yitzhak Rabin`s blood cover the words in
A Song of Peace ( Shir Ha Shalom)
Allow the sun to penetrate by singing
the song for peace in a loud shout.

Dor Shalom - The Peace Generation - Support the Peace

A Song of Peace

Let the sun rise
the morning give its light
The purest of prayers
will not bring us back

He whose candle was snuffed out
and was buried in the dust
bitter cry won`t wake him up
and won`t bring him back

Nobody will bring us back
from a dead and darkened pit
here, neither the victory cheer
nor songs of praise will help

Just sing a song for peace
do not whisper a prayer
Just sing a song for peace
in a loud shout

Allow the sun to penetrate
through the flowers
don`t look back
let go of those departed

Lift your eyes with hope
not through the rifle`s sights
sing a song for love
and not for wars

Don`t say the day will come
bring on that day
because it is not a dream
and in all the city squares
cheer for PEACE

White dove and the Rainbow

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