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Below you see the list of regions and cities. Click on the name of a region you would like to visit. This collection is often updated, come later and see the changes. If you ever get lost, feel free to use the navigation panel on the bottom.

Most of the WWW pages and pictures linked from here express entirely personal views of their authors. You should be aware that RusPhoto gives no guarrantees as to the accuracy of any information contained therein. Readers should also be aware of the rapid change in living conditions in Russia. As a consequence, even recent opinions may be significantly outdated and do not correspond to the factual state of affairs. Take appropriate measures to verify the information. Corrections and suggestions for improvement are welcomed.

Weather forecast

  1. NBC News Intellicast provides 4 days forecast of weather in Moscow, in St.Petersburg and in Irkutsk.
  2. Department of Meteorology at the Univ. of Edinburg, Scotland provides high resolution visible image of Europe. In the north-east side of this image you can find European part of Russia.
  3. Here are weather forecasts for Europe: extended range and one day (24 hours)forecasts maintained by WXP server of the Purdue University (West Lafayette, IN, USA).

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