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Bandai bridgeNagaoka fireworks

How about taking a walk at "Bandai bridge" or seeing "Nagaoka fireworks display"?
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The tulip firleds of Ryokawa

Spring brings a brilliant array of colors to the tulip firleds of Ryokawa

The green fields of Nakanogoya

The green fields of Nakanogoya.Mt.Yahiko and Mt.Kakuda can be seen in the distance

The golden fields of Nakanogoya

Rice which will soon be harvested.The trees to the right were used as hasagi many years ago to dry harvested rice

The Nuttari Hakusan Shrine Festival

The exciting spectacle of the Nuttari Hakusan Shrine Festival

The Shinto oracle

The Shinto oracle at this shrine has a long history dating back to the Kamakura Era-about 800 years ago

Harvesting water melons Akatsuka

Harvesting water melons Akatsuka


The moving sight of a sunset over the Sea of Japan


Swans peck at fallen ears of rice in early winter

The Agano River

Going down the Agano River is very popular

The Yoneyama Hukuura coastline

The Yoneyama Hukuura coastline is famous for its beautiful scenery

the Sasagawanagare beach

A large number of people go to the Sasagawanagare beach during the season

The Maiko skiing ground

Skiing is one of the most popular sports.We have many fantastic places to ski

This lake name is Hyouko

In winter we have heavy snowfall ,especially in the mountainous regions


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