Dimitrios Perrakis, the founder of Aghia Marina Marble Ltd., is one of the pioneers of the marble sector in Greece. He began approximately 50 years ago quarrying the world-wide famous Pentelicon marble using virtually no machinery. Together with his associates, he shaped Pentelicon marble for projects in Greece and abroad until the Pentelicon quarries were shut down by the administration.

Dimitrios Perrakis discovered the exclusive Aghia Marina marble and started its extraction.

He established Aghia Marina Marble Ltd. and equipped it with modern technology machinery: gangsaws, block-cutters, bridge-cutters, polishing equipment, etc. The company began to expand by acquiring marble quarries and focusing on providing its customers high quality marble products, competitive prices and dependable service. factory area

Office building Dimitrios Perrakis currently owns various quarries which allow Aghia Marina Marble Ltd., a company of his group, to offer a wide range of exclusive materials such as Aghia Marina Celestino, Marina Veneto, Volos Pink, etc. and has secured different quarrying agreements which allow the availability of other material such as Naxos white, Volakas white, Levadia black, etc.

Available sizes include slabs 3/4 and 1,3/16 inches thick (2 and 3 cm), cut to size pieces, flooring tiles of various dimensions as well as calibrated and beveled tiles and special sizes. The company can provide granular products, based on marble, such as gravel, powder, etc., of high quality. Cutting, finishing, packaging, transportation and delivery time are all guaranteed by Aghia Marina Marble Ltd. The company has introduced environmentally friendly resins and filtering of water in order to contribute to environmental conservation. marble

With constant expansion of its quarries and processing facilities, Aghia Marina Marble Ltd. is a company able to offer total satisfaction for all customers requirements.

Available marble

    Whites & Semi-Whites

  • Semi White of Aghia Marina - Our quarry
  • White of Thassos
  • White of Naxos
  • White of Volakas
  • White of Pighes
  • Semi-White of Stenopos
  • Semi-White of Palia Kavala

  • Grey & Black
  • Grey of Aliveri
  • Black of Levadia
  • Black of Vytina


  • Beige of Ioannina
  • Beige Banded of Didyma
  • Beige Breccia of Karnezeika
  • Beige Breccia of Mycenae

  • Red & Pink
  • Red of Eretria
  • Pink of Levadia (Santa Helena)
  • Pink of Pteleos

  • Green
  • Green of Tinos
  • Green of Styra (Cipollino)

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TEL. +30 -1- 6039362 - FAX: +30 - 1 - 6039128
INTERNET: http://park.org/Guests/GreekMarble/company/perrakis/
e-mail : perrakis@netor.gr

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