About the Freedom

About the terrorism

In first place I wants to leave clearing my support to all the victims of that strip of mafiosos, named generally terrorists.

The terrorists are idealists of the worst class, they lack ideas and in their place they only have one ideology, and they are also one of the most painful examples of the human stupidity.

Pretending achieve political proceeds to coast of attempt against the human laws, pervert their ends, and remove them everything possible courage of like manner: neither the end justifies the mediums, we don't live in a dictatorship that prevents from being politicaly free.

Although it is not precisely the liberty the one which pretend the members of a sect, but the blind faith in the ideals that inculcates them, that no type of dialogue doesn't exist except for the terror, that they don't exist neither the possibility of giving an opinion neither of differing. In conclusion, that don't exist the other.

The terrorists are some beggars, but they are not the only, in that category are elbowed with who support and understand them, as well as with the terrorists of the State. Miserable being is poor being but scrimp, and I don't believe that there is nobody poorrer than who lack the more elementary, who doesn't have not even dignity, neither more meager than the incapable of seeing the dignity in the others.

Finishing with this horror that degradates the human condition demand courage, justice and reflection, but above all, culture, understood like civilization.

The violence is accustomed to be the argument of whom they lack arguments, opposite the violence should impose the Reason: from here I request them that they reason, that they human beings. Not at all more.

About censure in Internet

Censure was always been in contrast to democracy: where there is a totalitariam governement, there is censure; in contrast to this, where there is democracy, freeedom is respected.

There is a god indicator in addition to the consideration for the human rights, to know any political regime's health. We shouldn't forget that democracy always implies an attempt to improve...

Totalitarians (I would like to clarify that I include inside this group fascism, dictatorships of the right, dictatorships called "of the proletariate" and religious 'fundamentalismus') are distinguised for scorn and submission of the people; it doesn't exist the posibility of public dissenting, and in most cases it implies the inability to live with dignity. In these political regimes it's only considered of age the leader caste, the rest of the population are lack of the posibility of being adults and responsibles, and if they try to be as if they really would be, there are laws, judges, hangmen, policemen and people prepared to repress them.

I could wish all kind of antidemocratic ideas to be censured, but this wouldn't be democratic. In relation to xenofobic ideas, racism, sexism..., there are laws: it's only necesary for them to be carried out.

Related to Internet, the problem has other connotations because Internet not only links nets and computers, but it links cultures and concrete infĄdividuals. But also the fact that this net, which is self-called 'world wide web' and has been born in the U.S.A., doesn't give any right to its politics (why do they never be up to the country they govern?) to make decisions that affect third countries, for example, although the meddling in South American countries, for example, has been a practice which costs thousands of deaths, thousands of tortures, housands of rapes... It's pathetic that conservative leaders from U.S.A. continue trying to preserve their ideals above the good, also dangerous.

If you want to censure, intead of making an attempt on freedom (as usual) I'd invite you to be more original and do it against the flowing of money inside the net. I think that's something which corrupts the spirit of Internet, as time will show someday.

Tolerance is not only a prived virtue,it's also the essential condition to have a real democracy. I think it's no neccesary to remember the conflicts generated by intolerance; it's enough to read the 'events section' in any newspaper or having a look at a History book.

The Freedom, like the life, implicate risks; although don't confront them it's, probably, the most dangerous of all...

Javier Espada