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The Art of Education

Reclaiming Your Family, Community and Self

by Linda Dobson; Forword by John Taylor Gatto

Responding to countless parents questioning how and where educational practices are leading leading their children, Linda Dobson offer thought provoking - and sometimes startling - answers in this groundbreaking new book from the award-winning Home Education Press.
Linda Dobson's basic premise is that the public school system in this country is based on a false definition of education. We are not educating our children at all. We are conditioning them. She also exposes how, and why, and who's really profiting by the arrangement.

In his foreword, respected author and educator John Taylor Gatto writes, "The actual truth is your family is necessary, irreplacable, and quite incomparable with other families (except in irrelevant ways). Inside your family orbit you are automatically someone significant and special. Think of that for a moment: significance accorded because of who you are, and not because of what you do. This is an essential form of nourishment. It cannot be reliably supplied by strangers or even friends - only by the family over the long haul."

6"X9" trade paperback, 256 pages, indexed, appendixes, bibliography, resources
$14.75 plus $3.00 shipping
Order from Ronald J. Bowden; 14962 Bear Valley Road; Suite G-242; Victorville, CA 92392

The Homeschool Reader

Revised Second Edition

Edited by Mark and Helen Hegener

The Homeschool Reader, Revised Second Edition, is a unique collection of some of the best writing that has been published on homeschooling in the last ten years, with selections from Home Education Magazine, 1984-1994.

Over thirty respected writers offer their views on socialization, selecting curriculum materials, networking, testing and accountability, legal considerations, political involvement, teaching different subjects, higher education, finding resources and much more. The list of contributing writers reads like a veritable "Who's Who in Homeschooling?", and the thoughtful presentation of topics makes this a book parents will want to refer to again and again. An excellent introductory book for new homeschooling parents, and an encouraging guide fpr the more experienced, The Homeschool Reader captures the spirit, the flavor, and the excitement of today's rapidly growing homeschooling movement!

6"X9" trade paperback, 224 pages, appendixes, resource listings, indexed.
$12.75 plus $3.00 shipping
Order from Ronald J. Bowden; 14962 Bear Valley Road; Suite G-242; Victorville, CA 92392

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