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at the Internet World Exposition 1996

Photo Gallery

Here's just small selection of images from the 'Nature Island of the Caribbean'

The Boiling LakeOur Boiling Lake is said to be one of the largest in the world.
Carnival '96Mas Domnik is the most spontaneous Carnival in the Caribbean.
WhalesWidely acknowledged at the regions number one diving and whale watching location.
Waterfall from airLand of 365 rivers and almost as many waterfalls.

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Hot Water

This collection of images features one of the world's largest Boiling Lakes, and other areas of volcanic activity!

Warm Water

Dominica's marine life is the best in the Caribbean...

Cold Water

Rivers and rainforest, waterfalls and lakes...we're definitely not a desert island.


From the wild Atlantic side to the calm east coast, Dominica has a wide variety of coastline. And even some white, coral-sand beaches!

Fort Shirley and the Cabrits

Near Dominica's second 'city' of Portsmouth is the delightful Fort Shirley and the Cabrits, all the better for being only partially restored.


Ah, the capital: thriving, bustling hub of commerce, closed Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday.

Carnival & Festivals

Carnival 97

Between Independence in November to the pre-Lenten Carnival, it's one non-stop party... Well, almost.


I've heard say that Dominica has more mountains and ridges than Switzerland. It's certainly got more coastline...

Carib Territory

Dominica's indigenous people, the Kalinago Caribs, have their own Territory on the north east of the island.


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