Opening a Pavilion in Germany

Anybody can open a pavilion in this world's fair. All you need is an Internet server and, most importantly, some content. Please don't just say "link to my home page." How about doing something for the fair? What is it about your community, your family, your company that you would want to exhibit at a world's fair? What is it the world should know about your culture or your art?

Your pavilion should have something on it that meets our theme of "a public park for a global village." If you sell jumbo jets, by all means offer a way for people on the Internet to buy one. But, how about adding something about the history of aviation or letting people see how a plane gets built? If you are a computer dealer, by all means offer people the capability to buy a water-cooled supercomputer for their home, but how about adopting your local school and working with the kids to build a home page about your community?

It is also important that you don't just send in proposals: we want a URL, not plans. This may sound a little anarchic, but isn't that how the Internet was built! Think of it as our "tough love" way of encouraging people to roll up their sleeves and help us all build a public park for the global village.

Please remember to provide at least part of your contribution in English to enable the world wide visitors of the Internet world Expo to enjoy your site.

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