Exhibition Director
Prof. Dr. Heide Rohloff
University of Hanover
HCC Hannover Tourismus Center
Theodor-Heuß-Platz 1-3,
D-30175 Hannover
Crowns & Regalia Ltd.,
Dir. Nicolaus Peter Findeisen and
Suzan Findeisen
Nelson Hall, Dartmouth Place,
Forest Hill, London SE23 3 HS,

Further exhibits from and on the period of the Personal Union between Great Britain and Hanover (1714 - 1837) with kind permission of Niedersächsisches Hauptstaatsarchiv, Niedersächsische Landesbibliothek and private owners.

A richly illustrated authoritative handbook, German and English, approx. 200 pages, available at exhibition venue,
price approx. 40,00 DM

Emblem, computer graphics and layout
Norbert Stolze

Hassan Mahramzadeh
Realisation and design in the internet
Prof. Dr. Helmut Pralle
Yvonne Scherzer
Research and compilation / editorial assistance
Antje Beutel, Kerstin Hellmuth, Rebecca Jähner, Frank Kurzhals, Bettina Lüddecke, Dr. Wolfgang Seth, Günter Szynkarek
Hugh Langridge, Anthony Mellor-Stapelberg and members of editorial staff
Exhibition Office
Antje Beutel
Koenigsworther Platz 1 (Hochhaus)
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Ulrich Eggert GWK
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In cooperation with the Hannoversch-Britische Gesellschaft e.V. and with kind support from the English Department of Hannover University.