In the Felix Meritis theatre in the week before christmas a late night show will take place. A music-theatre show in which actors, singers, dancers, musicians, media artists and others will be invited to give their contribution around the theme of the show, time and emotion during christmas.

You can visit the show not only in the theatre in Amsterdam, but you can also watch it here, live on the Internet, for five days in a row.

Tune in on December 20, 21, 22, 23 and 24 1996 at 24:00 until 01.00 hours (localtime in Amsterdam, GMT+1)

Let the show begin!

To participate you need CU-Seeme audio and videoconferencing tools. You can download a demo right here: CU-SeeMe Demo

After downloading the software, you need to set up your machine. First, unpack the software and you will get the executable program.

Second, specify a new "helper" for your browser. (In Netscape you choose 1. Options, 2. General preferences and 3. Helpers.) To launch CU-Seeme directly from your web browser specify the mime type as application and the mime subtype as x-cu-seeme. Specify the file extensions: .cu and .csm. Finally, specify the downloaded and unpacked program as your application.

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