Herman Brood

The Concert is Over!!!
(this is what we did)

In coorporation with all people involved we provide two servers sending you the live streaming using webcam:
  • Webcam I audio and video
  • Webcam II audio and video
The video is inlined in your browser, for audio you need to run speakfreely.

For those people connected to the Internet with a high bandwidth link, by which we mean ISDN II or more (>= 128 kbps), we present our new Xing StreamWorks service. This is live mpeg streaming with good quality audio and video. For those who want to see for themselves, this is your chance, get StreamWorks now!

We offer:

  • Live audio and video served from Amsterdam.

Confused? Sit down and relax, here is how to do it:
  • Streamworks is not hard to install. You download the software and install it. In the general options of your browser you add a helper with mime type application/x-xdma. The file extension is xdm. For this type you launch the application you just downloaded and off you go!
  • For the interested people: we use a total of 96 kbps of bandwidth to provide 16 khz, stereo audio and 24 frames per second (small) video. The audio is encoded according to mpeg II standards, with two bits per channel the audio is a 32 kbps stream. The small, 112 x 96 pixels, video gives reasonable quality on 64 kbs.