Some technical help on sending sound...

What to send

We are asking for audio files no more than ten seconds in length (for now, anyhow). These should be saved to your local disk or directory, and named with the appropriate suffix for the kind of file format it is.

Audio file formats vary according to the kind of computer you have. We can convert most common file formats for use in the Brain Opera; but your material will sound best if you take some care in recording and processing it. 16-bit 22kHz files in .aiff(Macintosh), .aifc(SGI) or .wav (IBM and compatibles) formats are preferred, but 8-bit 22kHz, 8-bit 11kHz, and 8-bit 8kHz are also acceptable. .Au (Sun/NeXT format)is also fine.

How to send an audio file

To contribute audio to the Brain Opera, we're asking you to send us an audio file that you have made and have stored locally in your computer (or your computer account, if you're on a networked system).

While your file is uploading to us, you might want to refrain from clicking around in your browser; rumor has it this might cause it some distress. There is a built-in upload time limit, so you won't be locked in for too long!

If you run into some glitch, let us know.

You can send sound from here, or from the main sound send page.