Audio Help Page

We have provided sample audio clips for you to download and listen to in three different file formats, in order to account for as many possible different kinds of systems.

  • ".au" is a format for Unix machines and is also supported by Netscape's audio player on Macintoshes and Windows machines.
  • ".wav" is a format primarily for PCs.
  • ".aiff" is a format used primarily on Macintoshes.

  • You must have the appropriate sound utility to play a particular file; there are many different utilities available. Two common sound utilities for the Macintosh include SoundApp and Sound Machine. Some common sound utilities for Windows systems include CoolEdit GoldWave, TS Player, and Wav util. If you do not have a sound utility, try downloading one at the "Other Audio Tools" section of the "Hyperreal Tool Shed" website.

    If you click on a file for which you don't have the right sound utility, you will get a message that states something like "unknown file type". Once you have a sound player which works on your system, you can either configure your browser to open the files directly or you can save the files and listen to them later.