Eric Métois--Real-Time Voice Analysis/Processing/Interactive Internet Design

After intensive training in Mathematics Marseille where I grew up, I studied electrical engineering at the "Ecole Nationale Superieuredes Telecommunications" in Paris (ENST), with a specialization in signal processing. After some previous experiences with processing signals of various natures (Speech, Video, and even under-water RF), I was introduced to the field of Computer Music through a six-month-long internship at UC Berkeley with David Wessel in 1990. I paid my first visit to Boston in December 1990 and took a look at the MIT's Media Lab at David's recommendation. Unable to find any similar institution back in France, I applied to the Lab's Ph.D. program and here I am... I have been a Ph.D. student and a research assistant at the Media Lab since fall 1992 under the advisory of Prof. Machover, with the mission to apply the newest ideas and techniques of signal processing and information theory to the study of musical sounds. My current thesis work involves non-linear system theory and embeddings in a quest for perceptually and physically meaningful sound synthesis models that can be inferred from the observation of a musical instrument's behavior.