Laura Gerson--Production Assistant

Looking to get away from home for the summer, Laura just joined the Brain Opera. She isn't quite sure exactly what is going on with the entire process of producing the Brain Opera, but has thoroughly enjoyed spray-painting about one hundred electrical outlets, cleaning the cube, making molds of noses and ears, and assembling circuit boards. She is also anxiously awaiting the arduous task of potting three hundred fifty circuit boards into drumpads. Laura joins the Brain Opera staff from Long Island.

Laura has just finished her first year at Colgate University in Hamilton, New York. Her experience was described as a good one. She left Colgate this year with her mind set on pursuing a major in either chemistry or biochemistry and a pair of well defined calf muscles from climbing Colgate's infamous cardiac hill too many times to count. While at Colgate this year Laura wrote for the school's newspaper, The Maroon News. She also played on the club water polo and rugby teams and was a member of SMUTCO, the student run theater group. Her two major goals for next year are to find a ride up the hill every morning and to pass organic chemistry.