Anna Dirks -- Visual Assistant

Anna Dirks is an electrical engineering student at MIT hoping to earn her masters degree one of these years. She is most interested in studying bioelectronic device design and signal processing. She is also pursuing a minor in Women's Studies and hopes to attend law school after graduating from MIT. Originally from Des Moines, Iowa, she now lives in a coop in Cambridgeport with twenty-seven people, eight rats and one rubber chicken. She joined the Brain Opera in March of 1996 and has been working since then on digitally designing and animating silent films to play in conjunction with the Brain Opera performance. In addition to school and work, Anna pursues a variety of activities in her free time. She has taken piano lessons since age 5, most recently completing a five year course of study with the Norwegian pianist Robert Lein at Drake University in Des Moines. She has played with a variety of jazz and classical orchestras and looks forward to doing more of such work in the future. Lastly, she is active in lesbian and gay rights work in and around the Boston are and just finished a year as MIT's Queer Women's Coordinator.