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The Melody Easel:

[The Melody Easel]

There are three Melody Easels, each designed to accomodate one player and two observers. Seated at a table-like structure, one plays the Melody Easel with the touch of a finger, creating a feeling of subtle articulation and phrasing usually associated with single-line melodic instruments like the violin or saxophone. The movement and touch of the finger as it travels across a specially designed transparent surface not only creates music -- melodic variations and timbral filigrees based on the voice of mezzo-soprano Lorraine Hunt -- but also a beautiful graphic trace.

See the latest architectural sketch of the Melody Easel.

See an intricate sketch of how the components of the Melody Easel have been constructed.

See an earlier artistic design for the Melody Easel.

Reach the technical specifications for the Melody Easel.

See a construction diagram of the Melody Easel