We want to receive audio portraits of you and your world (interior especially) that will become part of Brain Opera performances.

Anything that you send us that is spoken or text-oriented will be considered for inclusion in Movement I of each performance; anything musical or sound-texture oriented will be considered for Movement III. We truly want to both receive as much audio from you as possible (although each file must be shorter than 10 seconds), and to include as much of it in the Brain Opera as we possibly can. Your submissions will be listened to by both machine and human ears, to decide where it might fit best.

We are most interested in receiving composed or collaged sounds that you feel represent you, your tastes in music, your thoughts about listening, and your impressions of what goes on inside your own mind - right now and through memory.

And think: This part of the Brain Opera is one place where you - the Internet audience - have a real advantage over the public at our live performances, where answers must come quickly and thoughts will be more reflex than reflective. You can take as much time as you need - hours, days, or weeks - to imagine just the kind of sound that you want to send us, distill it to a perfect 10 seconds or less, and then have us listen to it carefully in order to find just the right place for it in our musical tapestry. Please take advantage of this opportunity.

We don't want to limit your imaginations in any way, but suggest that you might want to think about the following questions that we have all asked ourselves in putting the Brain Opera together. Perhaps these will inspire you to pick up a microphone, wire up that tape deck, download some editing software, and let your musical thoughts speak and sing directly to us!

- What is music?

- What is your favorite music?

- Why do we like music anyway?

- Is "sound" music?

- What sounds can you remember? Do sounds help you remember?

- How does music make you feel? Why does music make you feel at all?

- Feeling the music / thinking about music: Same or not?

- How does time pass as we listen?

- Do you do the listening; where is this "you"?

- Does music:

free your mind
lead your mind
numb your mind
wake up your mind
change your mind

- Is your mind like:

an orchestra
a seashore
a drum solo
a subway car

- What can you hear -- right now -- inside your head? Can you send us that sound, instead of just describing it?

Brain Opera Audio Submissions

In the box below, put the exact name of the file. (Click the Browse button to find it on your home directory.) Once you have the correct filename in the box, click on the Send button. Alternately, you can do an anonymous ftp to, and put your file into the directory entitled "sounds." Further information on how to send us your file is also available.

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