Minsky Text Games

by Scott Lehman

This is a collection of 50 word-games based on phrases uttered by Marvin Minsky. Many of these phrases are part of the libretto for the Brain Opera. You can play by selecting the game you want in the number-box below, and then clicking on the box called "Take me to Game".

Once you get the game, the rule is to guess the original phrase from a jumble of words and drag the individual word-tiles down below the box. If you get the order right, there will be a (perhaps surprising) response from the computer. This applet does not require sound, but the effect will be better if you have it.

The idea is for you to begin with game number 1 and move sequentially through them up to number 50. After completing a game successfully, you will be prompted to quit or play again; if you choose to play, you will be presented with the next game. In order to skip around, you will have to go back to this page and select a different game from the number-box below.

Please note that games 30-50 are very challenging! They contain words which don't belong in the phrase; you must pick out the phrase correctly and leave the extraneous words remaining in their original jumble-space.