Thursday, February 15, 6:30-8:30PM Eastern Time

Join host Vint Cerf for a live multicast talk show. The talk show will be sent live using a variety of real-time audio and video formats (watch this space for details on what we got to work). The data will then be post-processed and put on the web so that you can "attend" our talk show anytime during the year.

The report from our on-site group is that both Xing Streamworks and Multicasting are working for live viewing of this event. If you are on the Multicast Backbone already, you should look in your "sd" tool. Xing users should go to the Internet Multicasting Service feed and look for "ACM 50th Anniversary."

If you don't have these toys, don't despair! The web version will be made available in a day or two!

The Network Operating Team (NOT) is a group of volunteers and professionals who are donating time to build the key infrastructure projects of the Internet 1996 World Exposition. Already, Central Park and the Internet Railroad are up and running. Live events on the Internet are the third component that the NOT trying to accomplish in 1996. This Internet Town Hall is the first dry run for the Network Operating Team (NOT).

Our featured NOT member today is Chris Liljenstolpe of SSDS. SSDS is one of the leading consulting firms in the Internet arena and Chris is one of their leading security and systems management experts. SSDS has donated the time of Chris and other employees to help make this the first world's fair for the information age!