EVENTS in August

  • August 1-31: Have a nice sleep! Connect your dream with reality or with someone else's dream in Dream Nexus.

  • August 5-19th: A Canadian Northern Adventure
    Welcome to the 1996 Internet World Exposition and the Canadian Pavilion from the top of the world! Beginning on August 5th, follow our adventurers as they travel above the Arctic Circle to join the renowned Arctic Watch, where they will share with you one of the best soft eco-adventure experiences in the Arctic. Then join them as they meet up with the rest of their team in the Eastern Arctic, on the southeastern corner of Baffin Island on a canoeing expedition down the magical Soper River. Through the course of this adventure they will discover some of the beauty, majesty, and natural and human history of the Arctic.

  • August 23-25: This year's Uitmarkt, the 19th annual opening of the national cultural season in the Netherlands, will be held in Amsterdam's Dam Square and neighbouring theatres. The Uitmarkt provides a representative selection of what the cultural season has to offer, and on Saturday and Sunday August 24 and 25, artists will be involved in more than 200 performances.

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