EVENTS in July

  • July 12 - 14: The 21st edition of the North Sea Jazz Festival. The North Sea Jazz Festival will cover the whole scope of jazz and jazz-related music, ranging from swing, bebop, mainstream and contemporary jazz to fusion, Latin jazz, salsa, blues, soul, funk, jazzdance and hiphop. The program of the North Sea Jazz Festival 1996 will present an impressive lineup of famous names and bands

  • July 25 - 28: The Sun Open Golf Game This fabulous international golf tournament will be held from Thursday July 25 till Sunday 28 at the Hilversumsche Golf Club, Hilversum. This year the International Open Dutch Golf Championship will be played for the 77th time!

  • July 22-August 10: The Brain Opera. Join Tod Machover and the MIT Media Lab for The Brain Opera! at the Lincoln Center Festival.

  • July 30-Septmeber 15: Take a look at the GRAND Competition for GIF89a animations. This competition is in the spirit of creativity, sharing and having a good time, financial gain does not belong here.

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