A Day At The Market

Every day, people come from all over Bangkok to visit Aw Taw Kaw. While there are markets everywhere in the sprawling city, few would argue that this is where one comes when it is time to be serious.

Curry, fruits, vegetables, snacks, ducks, and many other specialities of the countryside are all brought here to sell. On the weekend, the market explodes as workers come in for a little snack and a big bag of mangosteens to bring home.

The Aw Tawk Kaw pavilion in the world's fair is a collaboration by many people. Ung-Ang Talay of the Bangkok Post has provided the inspiration and the guidance. Kuhn Kid, also of the Bangkok Post, provided the stunning photographs. Construction assistance was provided by Philippe Tabaux of the Internet Multicasting Service and Becky Pranger of Enviromedia.