Regional varieties of kimch

The true flavor of kimchi is said to come from the hands of the maker. It means kimchi made with the same materials will taste different depending upon the person who made it. There are a number of variables in making kimchi: the concentration of salt, how you mix the rest of the ingredients, how you keep the appropriate temperature for fermentation, and so on. In order to make tasty kimchi, one has to get the "knack" of it through trial and error; and every one's kimchi will taste different from the others'.

Kimchi will taste different depending upon the many how's, there are also great regional differences because of the materials they use, how much they salt, and how hot they make. This is also because of the climate and their unique natural products. They use much salt, fish juice and various kinds of seafood to make very spicy and savory kimchi in Cholla and Kyongsang Provinces which are located on the south coast. The kimchi further north, in contrast, tends to be milder for the cool taste. They often use meat stock instead of fish juice.

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