Prime Minister - Premier Ministre

The Right Honourable - Le Très Honorable
Jean Chrétien
P.C., M.P. - C.P., député

I am pleased to offer my congratulations to the Canadian Committee, 1996 World Internet Exposition for its efforts to create a Canadian presence for this international cyberspace showcase.

It has been said that the creation and growth of the Internet will change our daily lives in the same fundamental way that the invention of the printing press, the light bulb and automobile did for our forebears. The 1996 World Internet Exposition offers participating countries a timely opportunity to display their technological prowess to a burgeoning and sophisticated international audience. And as a nation on the cutting edge of technical innovation and telecommunications, Canada has the potential to play a leading role in the growth and evolution of global communications.

Encouraging Canadians to exploit the many business opportunities presented by the Internet is also in keeping with our government's Jobs and Growth Agenda. We believe that the key to Canada's future prosperity in the global economy lies in our ability to build on and expand the accomplishments we have made in knowledge-based industries, like information technology, telecommunications and, naturally, the information highway. A strong Canadian presence at the exposition will both enhance our expertise and provide marvellous international exposure for our firms.

I wish you well in implementing your imaginative blueprint for a Canadian site for the 1996 Internet World Exposition. And on behalf of the people of Canada, I thank you for taking up the challenge.

Jean Chrétien