Dear Visitors to the 1996 Internet World Exposition

It is with great pleasure that the National Capital Commission (NCC) welcomes you to Canada's Capital. Canada's Capital Region hosts many colourful and exciting festivals that celebrate Canada's history, geography and diversity. Winterlude is one of these major annual festivals.

Winterlude has something for everyone. Children will delight in the chance to travel through time in a unique winter theme park in Jacques Cartier Park in Hull, Quebec. Families can choose from a myriad of free shows and special activities on the Rideau Canal and elsewhere in the Capital Region. Winter sport fanatics can ski and skate to their heart's content in competitive high-profile sporting events, and recreational athletes can join in the fun at their own leisurely pace. And for those who return each year, exciting new activities, such as a barrel jumping competition and a closing parade on the Rideau Canal Skateway in Ottawa, Ontario, are sure to please.

Thanks to a collaborative effort between the NCC, Carleton University and the Canadian Committee for the 1996 Internet World Exposition, you can now see highlights of this event, in Cyberspace, to give you a taste of what you can experience if you come to Canada's Capital during Winterlude (Weekends of February 2 to 18, 1996).

So you're all invited (in person and/or through Cyberspace) to join us for the most exciting winter celebration in North America! Come and marvel at Canadian talent in The Great Canadian IceBreaker, wander through a magical display of ice sculptures in Confederation Park, or try out your blades on the world's longest skateway.