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October 18-27, 1996


October 18 - 27, 1996 marks the seventh annual National Science and Technology Week. Across the country, partners of the Week are hosting thousands of exciting activities for you and your family to enjoy.

As we near the end of the 20th century, we are realizing how crucial science and technology are to our future. If we are to create new jobs, educate our children for the future, develop new products and use our resources effectively, we must remain an important player in the global economy, an economy where scientific understanding and technological know-how are crucial.

For the past six years, National Science and Technology Week partners have found creative ways of demonstrating the importance of science, technology, mathematics and engineering to our everyday lives and to Canada's economic prosperity.

National Science and Technology Week is coordinated nationally by Industry Canada, but local events are the result of partnerships among provincial and territorial governments, the private sector, scientific and engineering societies, education institutions and science centres.

This year, National Science and Technology Week celebrates "INVENTION" and through exciting and fun-filled events and activities happening across the country, we can learn how Canadian innovation has prospered due to science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

I am encouraged by the growing interest of teachers, students, parents, business and government representatives in this celebration. Let's take pride in our achievements and celebrate them with enthusiasm! Participate in activities taking place over the course of this Week. Check your local newspapers for event listings in your area or visit the Events and Activities section of the NSTW WWW site at: www.schoolnet.ca/NSTW/!

Science is...Inventing!