Our Sponsors

[MSAT/TMI Logo] TMI Communications - The Satellite Communications Leader has generously provided us with an MSAT Communicator Satellite Phone and satellite airtime on the MSAT Network. We wish to thank them for their enthusiasm and support of what was initially just an idea.
[First Air Logo] First Air is the major airline operating scheduled and chartered flights to and throughout the Northwest Territories. We are indebted to them for their assistance with airfare for the Canadian Arctic Adventure.
[Arctic Watch Logo] We are very thankful to Arctic Watch for inviting us to be guests of their eco-adventure and for the opportunity to bring the Far Arctic to the 1996 Internet World Exposition.
[NWT Economic Development Tourism Logo] The Northwest Territories Department of Economic Development and Tourism has been supportive of this event from the outset. We are indebted to them for their support, logistics and assistance for planning the Soper River Adventure.
[Compucentre Logo] The Compucentre Professional Business Centre has kindly loaned us several colour laptops.
Indian and Northern Affairs Canada We wish to acknowledge the support of Indian and Northern Affairs Canada/ Affaires indiennes et du Nord Canada, in particular, the Canadian Inuit Art and Information Centre.
[AstroPower Logo] AstroPower Canada Ltd. has kindly loaned to us the solar charging units that they had developed for the TMI MSAT Communicator Satellite Phone and for personal laptop computers.
[Nortel Logo] Nortel Ltd. has kindly loaned to us the use of a digital camera and some video equipment.
[Trailhead Logo] Trailhead, a premier outdoor equipment store has loaned us some gear for our Arctic Adventure.
[cdn tourism] We wish to thank the Canadian Tourism Commission, for their support in helping to make this trip possible.

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Mail us on our actic adventure at: adventur@physics.carleton.ca.

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