This is our planned itinerary which is flexible, subject to environmental and logistical constraints. The Soper River Trip portion was planned by Robert Jaffray of the Northwest Territories Department of Economic, Development and Tourism.

Arctic Watch

Monday, August 5 The Resolute Team departs Ottawa at 7:00AM on First Air for a long flight to Resolute.
Tuesday, August 6 Tour and travel around Resolute. Meet Don Sandford, Director and Chairman of Arctic Watch at Resolute Airport at 6:00PM and immediately travel to Arctic Watch by Twin Otter.
Wednesday, August 7 Arctic Watch. Twin Otter Trip to Prince Leopold Island
Thursday, August 8 Arctic Watch
Friday, August 9 Depart Arctic Watch for Resolute. Resolute Team flies to Iqaluit at 2:00PM, arriving by 6:15PM. Travel and tour Iqaluit.

Soper River Trip

Saturday, August 10 The Soper Team departs Ottawa at 7:00AM on First Air for the 3 hour flight to Iqaluit. At 1:00PM the Charter takes the Soper Team to Mount Joy, the starting point of the Soper River Trip and set up camp.
Sunday, August 11 Travel to Cascade River which is about a 10km paddle. Tour Cascade/Falls/Rapids. Camp at Cascade.
Monday, August 12 Travel to Group Shelter.
Tuesday, August 13 Travel to Livingstone River which is a 10km paddle. Travel, tour and camp at Livingstone.
Wednesday, August 14 Travel to the Willow Trees.
Thursday, August 15 Travel to Mt. Fleming. Climb Mt. Fleming to view the vistas from the top. Camp at Mt. Fleming or Soper Falls.
Friday, August 16 Travel to Soper Falls.
Saturday, August 17 Travel across Soper Lake and arrive in Kimmirut by around 3:00PM. Camp at the community.
Sunday, August 18 Visit Inuit artists and observe them at work.
Monday, August 19 Charter to Iqaluit from Kimmirut at noon. Return trip to Ottawa via First Air departs at 3:05PM.

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