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Click on the image you want for a bigger version. All of these photos were taken in low resolution, therefore some photos may be of low quality.

Resolute Airport (Day 1)
Resolute Bay (Day 1)
Resolute Canada Post Box (Day 1)
Signpost in Resolute (Day 4)
In front of the Motel (Day 4)
Homes in Resolute (Day 4)
Resolute Co-op (Day 4)
Resolute School (Day 4)
Resolute buildings (Day 4)
Church (Day 4)
In the Co-op (Day 4)
Another view of Resolute (Day 4)
Kids playing in Resolute (Day 4)
Fog overlooking the town (Day 4)
A dog in town (Day 4)
Outside the High Arctic International (Day 4)
Bob and the World's Fair poster (Day 5)

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