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Click on the image you want for a bigger version. All of these photos were taken in low resolution format with a Digital camera. Therefore some photos may be of low quality.

Overlooking Cunningham Bay, onwards to Arctic Watch (Day 1)
Another view from the plane on the way to Arctic Watch (Day 1)
View from the plane over Barrow Strait (Day 1)
Twin Otter at Arctic Watch (Day 1)
Twin Otter taking off at Arctic Watch (Day 1)
Twin Otter at Artic Watch (Day 1)
Overlooking the barren land (Day 1)
Arctic Watch Headquarters (Day 1)
Wade and Becky using the MSAT (Day 2)
Wade and Becky using the MSAT (Day 2)
Arctic Watch (Day 2)
Becky using the MSAT (Day 2)
The barren land of Somerset Island (Day 2)
Arctic Watch (Day 2)
Arctic Watch Dining hall (Day 2)
Catherine giving an evening lecture (Day 2)
Catherine and the lecture audience (Day 2)
The unnamed waterfalls (Day 2)
Overlooking the falls (Day 2)
The Unnamed Waterfall (Day 2)
Somerset Island Scenery (Day 2)
The emerald green waters (Day 2)

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