There are many people we need to thank and to acknowledge their contributions to making this event possible.

Mike Greco, senior science advisor with the Canadian Heritage River Secretariat and President of the Canadian River Management Society helped to initiate the Canoe Pavilion which this event is associated. His enthusiasm and support has been greatly appreciated.

Next, we'd like to thank Ed Bebee of Genstar Consulting who took our idea and helped to initially promote it.

From our sponsors, we would like to thank Wendy Lillico, Austin Cammerton and Dale Wyman of TMI Communications for their wonderful support and assistance with the MSAT Communicator; Tracy Beeman of First Air for her assistance with airfare, Robert Jaffray and Rick Hamburg of the Government of the Northwest Territories for their belief in this project and for their support and logistics on Baffin Island; Ted Tromanhauser of AstroPower for generously lending us some solar panels for recharging our batteries; Mike Frame and the staff of Compucentre for the loan of laptops and help to ensure that they worked; Trailhead for loaning us some of their outdoor equipment; Nortel for the use of an Apple Quicktake digital camera and a Sony Handycam videorecorder; Soft Sciences of Peterborough for making available their flexible solar panels; and the generous support of Ingo Hessel and the Canadian Inuit Art and Infomation Centre of the Department of Indian and Northen Affairs. And to Don Sandford and Peter Jess for having us at Arctic Watch. They have all made this Canadian Arctic Adventure possible and a success.

And to our home team of Alan Barney, Jim Carleton and Jeff "Way Cool" Iwanaka who will make these pages look sharp and figure out the idiosyncracies of the Apple Quicktime VR stitcher, we are indebted.

And finally and certainly not least, kudos to Shirley Anne Off of the Canadian Heritage River Secretariat for her great help with public relations, after being conscripted from the middle of wilderness!

Thank you all who have helped to realize this event and to all those who have made our adventure enjoyable!

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