Glossary of Organisms

Colonial marine invertebrates which form coral-like skeletons which can be either branching or irregular in shape
Geologic Range: Early Ordovician to Recent

Colonial marine invertebrates which were the dominant reef-builders throughout much of earth history
There are three groups:
  1. Rugosa: dominant Paleozoic reef-buiders from the Ordovician to the Permian
  2. Tabulata: dominant Paleozoic reef-builders which coexisted with the Rugosa from the Ordovician to the Permian
  3. Scleractinia: the modern corals dominant in reef ecosystems today
    Geologic Range: Triassic to Recent

Microscopic marine plants which secrete siliceous skeletons
Geologic Range: Jurassic to Recent

Microscopic phytoplankton commonly preserved as organic cysts
Geologic Range: Triassic to Recent

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