Canadia spinosa

Canadia was a polychaete worm that reached about 30 mm in length. Although it may have been a crawler it is more likely that Canadia was more of a swimmer, utilizing the stiff bristles on its body as paddles. These bristles were spread apart to swim and clumped together to slow down. Canadia may also have been a scavenger. One hundred and ninety specimens are known from the Burgess Shale.

Ottoia prolifica

Ottoia was a priapulid worm about 80 mm in length. It was one of the largest and most abundant of the worms found in the Burgess Shale. The spines on Ottoia's body have been interpreted as teeth used to capture prey. Gut contents show that this worm was a predator. Cannibalism, common in priapulids today, was observed in Ottoia as well. Ottoia's mode of life is uncertain but it may have burrowed and tunneled through the sediment. Fifteen hundred specimens are known.

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