Status of the Internet Railroad

The Internet Railroad is a consortium of telecommunications corporations that are contributing bandwidth to help build a public, global infrastructure for the Internet. A large number of volunteers, including some of the most world's most distinguished Internet engineers, is helping to address the many research and deployment issues involved in building a global backbone. The team is headed by Marten Terpstra and Robin Littlefield of Bay Networks, whose company will also provide a network operations center for management of the railroad. Current contributions to the railroad include:

  • A T3 (45 mbps) link between Tokyo and Los Angeles has been contributed by MCI and KDD. This link has been operational since February 1.
  • A T3 (45 mbps) link between Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. has been contributed by MCI. This link has been operational since February 1.
  • Two DS3 links in the Washington, D.C. area have been contributed by MFS Datanet to link the Japan line to MAE-East and the National Press Building. MFS Datanet has also contributed an additional 10 Mbps line from the National Press Building to the Alternet backbone. These links have been oprational since February 1.
  • A series of 14 T3 lines inside Japan contributed by NTT became operational between February and April.
  • Satellite-based transmission from Japan with a footprint over most of Asia, Australia, and New Zealand, contributed by JapanSat as part of WIDE's WISH Project.
  • An agreement has been reached by Korea Telecom and KDD to place a 2 Mbps link between Seoul and Tokyo. This line has been expanded to an T3 line in July.
  • An agreement has been reached by DGT Taiwan and KDD to install a 2 Mbps link between Taipei and Tokyo.

Other telecommunications corporations are encouraged to participate in this collaborative project. We are especially interested in links between Japan and the rest of Asia, from the U.S. to Europe, from Europe to Asia, and especially for links to South America and Africa. Interested parties should contact fair administration at

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