Pavilions, Places, and Events

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A PAVILION is a presence on the Internet. You can think of this as a World Wide Web site, but that would be limiting yourself. Live audio and video, chat rooms, electronic mail, Java applets, and much more can all be used to create your on-line pavilion.

The subject of your pavilion can be anything you want -- world's fairs are Universal Exhibitions and, like the Great Exhibition of 1851, our goal is to show "every work known to man." Open your own pavilion.

PLACES are places in the real world. This world's fair is not just for people who are already on the Internet: it is a fair to introduce the technology to people. Places allow people to visit the fair, attend classes, see demonstrations, and get guided tours of the fair. Register your place.

EVENTS happen during 1996 and are visible to the Internet. Think of an event as a pavilion that happens at some point in time. Of course, if your event is meaningful, you'll turn the audio, video, text, and photos you gather from the event into a permanent pavilion. Register your event.

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